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Hi-Par CMH-DE Lamp - 630W

Hi-Par CMH-DE Lamp - 630W

Whether growing at home or a commercial cultivator, the Hi-Par CMH-DE Lamp 630W provides outstanding performance with maximum coverage and high quality yields. Featuring two 315W arc tubes, the double ended (DE) ceramic metal halide (CMH) lamp can be used in tents, grow rooms glasshouses or indoor facilities. The Hi-Par CMH-DE Lamp 630W is ideal for vegetative growth and incredible floral blooms thanks to its impressive CRI (colour rendering index) of >90% with a 3000k (kelvin) colour spectrum.

Hi-Par lamps use only the highest quality components and require no additional lamp shield. The Hi-Par CMH-DE Lamp 630W will guarantee best results when used in conjunction with the Hi-Par 630w ballast and Dynamic DE Reflector, however will also work with any brand of good quality CMH 630w ballast.
HI-PAR 630w CMH-DE Specifications:

  • 3000k Kelvin
  • 630w (2 x 315w)
  • CRI >90%
  • Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube design
  • THD <10% (in HIPAR DYNAMIC DE 630w CMH Kit)
  • Increases essential oil production
  • Complex patented mixture of gasses optimised specifically for horticulture
  • Long lamp life – 20,000 hrs recommended with 90% maintenance at 10,000hr
  • Higher UV and Infra-red output calculated for plant resin production
  • DE – Double Ended bulb for secure mounting
  • 930/3000k – Effective for vegetative and floral growth