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Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector - Wide Reflector Attachment

Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector Wide Reflector Attachment

Featuring a customisable footprint and adjustable mounting options, the Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector delivers consistently impressive results. The Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector ensures optimal heat management and light output, as well as the ability to use as a vented style or closed hood reflector design. You can either mount your ballast to the reflector or run remotely outside your grow room.

Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector Features:

  • The ‘Open-Vented’ style allows for heat to naturally dissipate from the bulb.
  • The ‘Closed-Vent’ option encourages the most direct footprint for your crop.
  • Provides incredible light uniformity and heat management
  • Also includes a reflector extension cable for your convenience.


Hi-Par ensures optimum PAR values and uniform light spread is achieved from every SE bulb used, with strength and durability a standout feature of the Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector. The clever design allows you to interchange shade attachments or close the vented wings for seriously intense light output.

Also included in the box are rope ratchets, v-hangers and a massive 4.5m extension cable.

Hi-Par's range of dynamic reflectors are seriously adaptable for your convenience; interchangeable with wide shade attachments.

This unit is for Single-Ended E40 bulbs only. If you’re looking for DE Bulbs, please check the Hi-Par DE Dynamic Reflector listing. Bulb shown in image is not included in Dynamic Reflector.