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Hi-Par Sunstorm S-One Fixture - 315W

Hi-Par Sunstorm S-One Fixture - 315W

The Hi-Par Sunstorm S-One Fixture 315W utilises the latest technology in medical grade horticulture production with 315W integrated square-wave ballast, 315W reflector and 315W horticultural CDM/CMH lamp.

Hi-Par's 315W CMH Technology has been proven to provide more UV-A and UV-B than traditional MH lamps, delivering superior essential oil and resin production.

The arc-tube within the globe is a ceramic composite (Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH)) and burns hotter within the bulb. The resulting light output is higher quality and optimised for horticultural growth. This creates super energy efficiency and powerful results for your end harvest.

The Sunstorm Reflector is the most powerful design available specifically for 315W CMH bulbs! Hi-Par 315W S-ONE reflectors are designed for maximum illumination and bulb durability, offering more efficiency than others on the market. Increased light reflectivity and effectual spread dramatically improves plant growth. The reflector features precisely engineered micro-aluminium and a PGZ18 bulb mount for a safe and secure connection.

Pure Convenience

  • The most efficient all-in-one CMH luminaire on the current market!
  • Simple and effective use for hobby or commercial applications.


Commercial Medical Solutions

  • Increased essential oil can be achieved using SUNSTORM S-ONE kits.
  • Preferred for use in research and university facilities.


Unique S-One Design

  • The only CMH Specific all-in-one on the current market.
  • Built to last with premium internal components for pure performance.


Hi-Par Sunstorm S-One Fixture 315W Specifications

  • 315w CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide)
  • PPFD: 829.79 μmol/m2/s (Tested @ 60cm canopy height)
  • CRI: > 94% (with Philips 930 Mastercolour)
  • Kelvin: 3000k
  • THD: <10%
  • Lamp Life: >90% @ 20,000 hrs
  • Input 220-240v (50/60Hz)
  • Imax 3.0A
  • PF >0.99 / CF <1.6
  • 12-Month limited warranty

In the box:

  • 1 x 315w 930 Horticultural Lamp
  • 1 x HI-PAR Power Cable
  • 2 x HI-PAR Ratchet Ties
  • 2 x HI-PAR V-Hangers