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Honeysuckle Essential Oil

1X 12ml Bottle - Essential Oil  - HONEYSUCKLE - Lonicera

Note: 3% Absolute In Jojoba

Honeysuckle essential oil is extracted from the bright orange flowers of the honeysuckle plant. This plant has been used for medical and traditional practices in China for more than 1400 years. There are more than 200 different species of honeysuckle and a lot of them have the same chemical compositions. The three most outstanding varieties of Honeysuckle plants are Japanese honeysuckle, European honeysuckle and the Blue honeysuckle.

The uses of this oil is more than just a medication for topical or inhalation applications. Honeysuckle essential oil can also be use for massage and as aromatherapy. The remarkable range of health benefits of honeysuckle essential oil is generated by the rich amount of potassium, vitamin C, quercetin and antioxidants, as well as other important nutrients. 

Honeysuckle essential oil include its ability to detoxify the body, balance blood sugar levels, relieve headaches, reduce inflammation, boost hair strength and protect the skin from dryness and irritation. For general use, most experts considered this natural remedy to be very safe.

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