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Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp - 315W

Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp - 315W

Designed for gardeners looking to take their crops to the next level, the Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp 315W improves all aspects of your yield, from better smelling flowers to higher potency of herbs. The Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp 315W dramatically improves essential oil and resin production thanks to the unique 10K technology, which uses optimised amounts of UV-A and UV-B.
Supplemental UV-A and UV-B light radiation energy has been scientifically proven to increase flavonoid levels (Tevini et al, 1991) and creates significant improvement in the quality of your harvest. These lamps output intense ultraviolet light energy which caters specifically to the final stages of plant growth.
10K lamps should only be used in the last 2-3 weeks of flower (generative growth). The 315W 10K lamp features double-jacketed glass and a precision build for serious durability. As the finishing lamp is only used for 2 weeks out of every cycle, the bulbs will last many years, providing excellent value for you and your garden. 10K lamps can be installed in the last 2 weeks of flower (generative growth) as standalone or supplementary lighting.
Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp 315W Specifications:

  • Wattage: 315w
  • Quartz Metal Halide (QMH) + UV
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (K): 10000K
  • Colour Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra): <90%
  • INCREASED UV compared to standard CMH 315w bulbs – FINISHING FLORAL GROWTH ONLY
  • Thread: PGZX18
  • Operating Current: 60Hz
  • ANSI Standard
  • Lamp Operating Current: 3.15Amps
  • Typical Hot Restart Time (Minutes) 8-12


It is recommended to use the Hortivision 10K Finishing Lamp 315W with the HI-PAR 315W Ballast.