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Hortivision 4K CMH - 315W

Hortivision 4K CMH - 315W

The Hortivision 4K CMH 315W is designed for powerful vegetative development and ideal for accelerated leafy green growth. Delivering medical grade plant cultivation and heavy vegetative growth, the Hortivision 4K CMH 315W is precisely engineered to replicate the spectrum of the sun, with the CMH lamp ensuring a significant increase in essential oil and resin production. 315W technology is a rapidly advancing technology being embraced by growers all around the world.

The arc tube within this bulb is built with a ceramic composite, with gasses similar to an MH lamp, however the arc tube burns hotter and brighter, with the resulting light having more UV A, UV B and for a complete lighting spectrum. The result for your plants? Faster growth, healthier leaves, shorter internodes and more natural plant profile development.

CDM is quickly becoming the choice of the connoisseur looking for the best quality produce.   

Hortivision 4K CMH 315W Specifications:

  • Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube design
  • Double-Jacketed glass for safety
  • PPFD: 856.61 umol/s/m2 (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit @ 50cm)
  • THD <10% (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit)
  • Kelvin 4200k
  • CRI >90%
  • Increases essential oil production
  • Complex patented mixture of gasses optimised specifically for horticulture
  • Long lamp life – 20,000 hrs recommended with 90% maintenance at 10,000hr
  • Higher UV and Infra-red output calculated for plant resin production
  • PGZ18 Bulb Fixture for secure mounting
  • 942/4200k – Used for vegetative and floral growth