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Hortivision T5 Fluorescent Grow Light - 324W

T5 Fluorescent Grow Light - Hortivision 6 X 54W Lamps - 6400K

HORTIVISION T5 6x4 4ft Fluorescents are built with 95% reflective aluminum interior to maximize light intensity and distribution and is perfect for the vegetative growth period of your plants.

This fixture can be hung horizontally or vertically, slotted housing for optimal cooling, runs on 240-Volt. Propagate your seedlings effectively with a high output fluorescent light made for plant propagation.

Hortivision T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Features:

• Perfect for propagating clones, seedlings or keeping plants happy year round 
• Grow light fixture features steel housing with louvered slots for efficient cooling
• 95% highly reflective aluminium reflector for maximum light output
• 6 x 640K lamps
• 1-year warranty
• 8 ft. 240-Volt power cord that plugs into a standard outlet
• Bulbs included (54-Watt each)
• Daisy chain-able feature
• Dual ON/OFF switch feature
• Dimensions: 1220mmx 545mm x 100mm