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House & Garden Algen Extract - 500ml

House & Garden Algen Extract - 500ml

House & Garden’s Algen Extract (0.2-0-0.7) is manufactured in small batches to deliver the freshest product ever. This fertilizer is a premium blend of the Norwegian Sea Kelp also known as Ascophyllan Nodosum, which contains high amounts of active ingredients, amino acids, and cytokines. It has a superior additive that assists with the intake of nutrients by plants and promotes vigorous vegetative growth among crops.

House & Garden Algen Extract has several benefits that are helpful to plants at any stage of growth. This concentrated solution has macro-nutrients, micro-biology, and macro nutrients that enhance the color of leaves. It facilitates formation of root hair, increasing the uptake of the various trace elements that are required by crops. This solution is extracted from cold water so as to preserve the biological life.

The manufacturer uses the ‘cold press’ technology to extract this product from the Norwegian Sea Kelp. This process is specially tailored to preserve the active ingredients that are available in the Norwegian Sea so that they can find their way to your garden. All the additives and ingredients are manufactured with food grade and/or pharmaceutical ingredients in small batches to make sure there is consistency in quality and experience.

Some of the macronutrients you will find in this product include S, Mg, Ca, K, P, and N. The micro-nutrients in this product includes Zn, Fe, Cu, and Mn. It is also contains sea weed, which has a very high concentration of proteins, polysaccharides, natural hormones, and amino acids. One thing that makes Norwegian Kelp stand out from the crowd is that you will begin to see results after only a few days. Applying Algen Extract on your plants will give you assurance of healthier and faster growth.

Algen Extract is a critical supplement to the plant base nutrients because as it stimulates the healthy growth of roots. The solution also enhances the immune system of your plants by providing a great resistance to pests and diseases. You can be sure of seeing great results with this product.

Application Guidelines

You can either use this product as a foliar spray or an additive to the crop nutrient solution. You can use it as a leaf wash during dusting or chemical pest control. The rate of dilution of this product is 1ml per liter of water. First, get your nutrient container ready by adding the base nutrient like soil, hydro and Cocos to your water container. Adjust the EC of your nutrient before adding the Algen Extract. Remember to adjust the value of the pH so that it can be in harmony with the nutritional solution.