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Hy-Gen 2.76 Conductivity - 250ml

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Hy-Gen 2.76 Conductivity Solution - 250ml - PPM + EC Calibration Solution

This 2.76 is the universal standard for EC/PPM/PPM500/PPM700/TDS Meters. It is used to calibrate and ensure accurate readings from your tools. 

Perfect for accurate calibration of pH dosers, monitors, pens and truncheons! We always recommend a monthly 'service' on equipment which includes cleaning and calibration of pH probes and EC electrodes. 

Hy-Gen is based in Perth, W.A and manufactures hydroponic water control supplies. Hy-Gen products make maintaining pH and EC levels easy and affordable. We also have their range of solutions for testing and calibration of your meters at home. 

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