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Hyacinth Essential Oil

1X 12ml Bottle - Supreme Quality Essential Oil  - HYACINTH - Hyacinthus Orientalis

Note: 3% Absolute In Jojoba

Hyacinth is a small plant that grows to a height of 6–8 inches tall, thin slender green leaves with fragrant white, pink or purple color bell-shaped flowers that when fully bloomed, resembles  a starfish.

Hyacinth is excellent for stimulating the energy field that connects you to the spirit realm. Thus, promoting your connection with loved ones. Hyacinth essential oils also relieves stress and tension in your body. Its sweet aroma helps alter negative thought patterns to positive thought forms.

Using hyacinth for comfort during the grieving process goes back as far as ancient Egypt. Hyacinth is primarily used in making perfume, as well. Its health benefits are acquired from the emotional release of potentially destructive feelings such as anger, extreme sadness, grudge,  resentment and extreme grief, thereby improving overall well-being.

Hyacinth essential oil is also known for its therapeutic use as a sedative, antidepressant, aphrodisiac and antiseptic.

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