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Hydroponic Drip System - Watering System 80

Complete Hydroponic Drip System Kit / Set Up

These complete hydroponic drip systems are made from aqua tank material (UV resistant- can be used outdoors) are intended to be used as a continuous drip feed system. 

Hydroponic Drip System Includes:

  • 5X 9 Litre Pots (20X20X20cm)
  • 1X Pump
  • 1X Complete Drip System (hose + connectors + soaker hoops)
  • 1X 128 Litre Tank / Reservoir
  • 1X  Metal Pole Frame + Shelve (80X80X20cm)

The system is easily collapsible for easy storage and makes moving the system a breeze. The pumps are super quiet and the kit includes everything you need besides the medium (clay pebbles recommended). 

Drip System Functionality:

Once assembled. The pump takes the water from the reservoir and is pumped through the hose and then drips through the soaker hoops which is placed at the top of the medium. The water / nutrients is then dripped through the medium and and root system and eventually ends up back in the reservoir / tank. This creates a continual watering cycle and the plants roots are continuously being feed and watered.

The pots can also be easily removed from the shelve / platform which is very handy when you're moving plants from the vegetative room into a flowering room. 

Drip System Hint:

It is recommended to change the water within the tank regularly to ensure no build ups occur. The tank does include a tap allowing you to easily drain water from the reservoir before filling it with fresh water and nutrients. If you notice any types of builds up within the hose / soaker (usually takes a while before this happens) we recommend using drip clean by House And Garden which can be found in our store.