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Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit - 6 Inch

A Complete 6 Inch Hydroponic Ventilation Kit For Indoor Grow Tents

This ventilation kit is made for grow tents and includes everything you'll need to control the environment within the grow tent.

Instructions: Inside the tent connect one fan up to some ducting using the provided clamps, then connect this to the carbon filter hanging near by. From there run some more duct from the other end of the carbon filter and position it so it's blowing air outside. From there hang the other fan outside the tent and attach the ducting from the fan outside and position it into the grow tent. 

This will continually suck out the old and hot air from within the tent, and then suck in fresh air from outside. This creates a well ventilated growing space which will result in a larger, more colourful harvest. 

6 Inch Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit Includes:

  • 6 X Quick Release Clamp - 6 Inch
  • 1X 180mm Oscillating Hydroponic Fan With Clamp
  • 6X Heavy Duty Hangers - 34KG Capacity Each
  • 1X 6 Inch Filtaroo Carbon Filter - 150 X 500mm
  • 2X Aluminium Ducting 6" X 6M - 5 Ply
  • 2X Inline Ventilating Exhaust Fan - 6 Inch
  • 1X Hydroponic Grow Meter - Temperature + Humidity

Hint: Hang the fan that's blowing air from within the tent outside at the top of the tent and the fan that's blowing air from outside into the tent down the bottom.