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Hydroponic LED Grow Bar - 6500K @ 26 Watts

2ft Hydroponic LED Grow Bar - 6500K - 26 Watts - IP44

These hydroponic grow bars are perfect for propagation and seed raising purposes. They're also extremely popular for growing leafy greens, kitchen herbs and pretty much everything else besides high yielding and fruiting plants like tomatoes.

Their slim design also make them perfect for shelving or vertical gardens.

Hydroponic LED Grow Bar Specs:

  • 2ft/26w Super Lumen Grow LED 6500k;
  • Alum alloy housing with high transparent PC cover
  • Number of Beads=144
  • Australian 3 pin Plug
  • High Lumen output: 100µmol/m2/s2 (12inch height from plants)
  • >50,000 working hours Life Span;
  • No harsh Chemical and emissions
  • More Durable and Cost saving compare with traditional Fluorescent lighting.
  • IP44 water proof – indoor use only, don’t sink into water
  • Plastic hanger and hook included
  • Luminous Angle:140 degrees