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Hydroponic Pollen Trimming Tray Kit

Introducing our Trim Tray and Trimming Scissors Set, the essential kit for trimming buds and herbs with precision and ease.

Included in this complete set:

  1. Trimming Tray: A spacious surface designed to catch trimmings and keep your workspace tidy.
  2. Curved Blade Scissors: Perfect for precise trimming around buds and leaves.
  3. Straight Blade Scissors: Ideal for cutting stems and larger leaves with accuracy.
  4. Brush: Helps you clean excess trimmings and maintain your tools for optimal performance.
  5. Magnifying Glass: Provides enhanced visibility for meticulous trimming and inspection of your plants.

With our comprehensive set, you'll have everything you need to trim your buds and herbs efficiently, ensuring a clean and professional finish every time.