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Hydroponic Timer Box - 24,000 Watts

Hortivision Hydroponic Timer Box - 24,000 Watts / 100 Amps

The Hortivision Hydroponic Timer Box is an essential tool for any grow room. It allows you to easily and accurately control the lighting in your grow space, ensuring that your plants receive the right amount of light at the right times. With a maximum capacity of 24,000 watts or 100 amps, this timer box is perfect for use with multiple lighting fixtures.

The Hortivision Timer Box features two different modes: Option 1 allows for 12 on/12 off cycles, making it ideal for use in two separate rooms, while Option 2 allows for 24 on/off cycles, making it perfect for use in a single grow space. It also includes four constant outlet sockets, allowing you to power other devices such as fans or pumps.

To switch between modes, simply use the easy select switch on the timer box. It is important to note that this timer box must be installed by a qualified electrician, to ensure that it is set up safely and correctly.

Overall, the Hortivision Hydroponic Timer Box is a reliable and easy to use light timer that is perfect for grow rooms of all sizes. It is built from top quality components, ensuring that it will provide reliable and accurate performance for years to come.

Timer Box Features:

• Option 1- 12 ON/ 12 OFF – for day/night in 2 separate rooms & 4 constant     outlet sockets

• Option 2- 24 ON/OFF – for day/night & 4 constant sockets

• Easy select switch between modes option 1 and 2

• Input 100 Amps Max or 24,00 Watts Max 

• Must be installed by a qualified electrician