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Indoor Coco Propagation Kit - T5 Fluorescent - For Seeds + Smaller Plants

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Indoor Coco Propagation Kit With T5 Fluorescent Light - For Seeds + Smaller Plants

A complete indoor propagation kit with a fluorescent grow light with two 6400K lamps included, a propagation dome, a heat mat, rootex and 50 coco pellets. The coco pellets will fit neatly into the tray insert and allows you to root 50 clones or raise 50 seedlings at once. 

Propagation kit Includes:

  • 1X 24W Propagation Light  - 6400K
  • 2 X 24w Bulbs - 6400K
  • 1 X Propagation Dome (Lid + Tray + Insert) (7" High / 50 Cells)
  • 1X Rootex - Root Striking Hormone
  • 50 X Coco Pellets - 35mm