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Inline Ventilating Exhaust Fan - 8 Inch

8" / 200mm Inline Ventilating Exhaust Fan - 40w With Metal Blade

This 8 Inch Inline Exhaust Duct Blower features a powerful motor and an aerodynamically designed shape. It is able to move air through long stretches of ducting, grow light reflectors or carbon filters. With a tape flange, it is rather convenient for you to place the ducting on the blower and tape it in place.

It's great for venting air into greenhouses and grow rooms and will provide your plants with a consistent strong fresh airflow which as we know is a requirement for any successful grow room.

Inline Ventilating Exhaust Fan 8 Inch Specifications:

  • Power - 40 Watts
  • Max Boosted CFM - 450
  • Noise Level - 52
  • Weight - 1.4kg
  • Brand new in box ready to be operated upon arrival
  • Steel blade construction
  • Efficient performance – 450 CFM
  • Solid metal construction with galvanized housing
  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications