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Keg King Snub Nose - 60L Fermenter

Snub Nose 60L - Complete Kit
The LARGEST P.E.T. Pressure Fermenter with the highest level of control!
The 60L Fermenter King Snub Nose is big enough to match your homebrewing ambitions! It's so big we had to put it on castor wheels!

Easy to use, powerful design provides brewers with the ability to:
Ferment Under Pressure
Dryhop Sanitarily
Monitor Internal Temperature

Features our new flexible Gen 3 Design that provides brewers with:
New Thermowell -Get true liquid temperature readings
New Floating Dip Tube - Fixed central tank position
Optional Temp Control - Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally
CIP Capable - Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy Clean In Place clean up

60L/15.8G Conical Fermenter Tank
Stainless Steel Stand with Castors
Third Generation Pressure Lid
Floating Dip Tube with Centre Tank Alignment

Optional Additional Features:
CIP Cleaning Kit
Temp Control Kit
Insulation Jacket

410mm wide across base of frame
875mm to top of the posts on the lid