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Kill-A-Mite Pesticide - 100ML

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Kill-A-Mite - 100ML - Use against Two Spotted & Red Spider Mites

Kills two spotted mites, red spider mites, broad mites, russet mites and more. 

Kill-A-Mite is for control of pest mites on pears, apples, tomatoes, citrus, hops, strawberries and ornamentals, and for the control of pest mites and native budworm on cotton. Refer to accompanying leaflet for complete directions for use and product constraints.

KILL-A-MITE is a concentrate and requires only 1 ml to a litre of water. 100ml bottle of KILL-A-MITE will make 100 litres of Mite Terminator spray. Best used twice with an initial spray then followed  by a second spray seven days later to ensure any eggs hatched are killed also.

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