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Lantern Colour Dome

A lantern shines more when its exterior is as brilliant as its interiors. This metal hand crafted piece comes with a lattice cut design on the dome as well as the body of the pillar shaped body. The dome on top has different detailed design while the lower part has a different pattern. The white paint looks fabulous as it contrast vividly with the gemstone colour glass pieces that surround the vent around the votive area. The candle or traplight maybe placed with ease by simply lifting the dome with the help of the ring. The colours such as deep red, peridot green topaz yellow and aquamarine makes the lantern unique in its range of colour play. Will not just help light up the space with beauty but also add so much colour and warmth. A single definitive piece in the decor can make all the difference in the decor. The lantern is all of 22 cm in height and about 10 cm in dimension of its square shape. The base is solid and also has a delicate design all along the base. Can be kept in corners, the dining table or made the centrepiece in bigger arrangement. There are so many ways that this single piece will build the oriental theme in all its luxurious connotations.