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Lantern Colour Dome Square

A Beautiful Metal Dome / Square Lantern 

Lamps and lanterns in various shades, sized and designs can play an impressive role in making your décor look a certain way and what better to add to your home if that is what you intend that this square shaped domed lantern that has an exquisite design on its metal body and is further beautified with pieces of colored glass that further infuses the space with more color and beauty. The domed look of the lantern itself is a gorgeous way to make a statement, add it make it even more special is the intricate metal work that is typically mid - eastern, very detailed and styled to look great in a home that has a classic elegant theme in the décor. Place it on table tops or corners and see the difference it will make to the way you have displayed all other articles as it will highlight t al so well. The dome can be flipped open and the candle placed inside with ease. Since its cavity can be accessed, it's easy to clean in case you have any wax spills. Its height is barely 18 cm and it comes with a ring attached to the top just in case you decide to suspend it from some place. The base is square with dimensions of 10 cm.