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Lantern Colour Triangle

A Beautiful Metal Triangular Lantern 

This faceted lantern comes with a sturdy metal body that has an exquisitely worked metal framework having very strong mid eastern influences, with an infusion of glass pieces where the light is going to be filtering out from this adding more color and vibrancy to the way it will help illuminate the space. The lantern has a sound balance and sits firmly on its base on tiny round metal pegs. The dome shape of the lantern rises as high as 19 cm and has a ring fitting on top to help carry it easily around. The dome is hinged and thus comes off easily thereby allowing one to clean the interiors as much as easily place candles within. The colored pieces of clear plastic will add more color to the light and the manner in which a few are encrusted on the dome makes it almost resemble an ancient building with semi precious stones encrusted in it. An old design brought back to life for your modern home - if you wish to place - a thing that will add more classic beauty to it.