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Manual & Electronic 24" Bowl Herbal Trimmer

Manual & Electronic 24 Inch Bowl Herbal Trimmer

This Professional Manual Trimmer Clear Top model features a clear plastic top for better visibility, a removable handle for convenient storage, and removable grille for easy service. This trimmer will cut twigs, remove leafs, and preserve buds from a variety of plants. The trimmer is essential in making hash, oils, aromatherapy products, and potpourris. It harnesses the power of 30 scissors in 1 unit and comes with (1) set of cross wire blades for leaf and light weight job; and (1) straight blade for heavy weight job

Package Includes:

Size: 24 inch
Manual or plug play 2 in 1
Clear top, Stainless Bowl bottom domes
Rubber center that seals both ends
Metal Grille
cutting blades