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Microbial Plant Conditioner - 1 Litre

Microbial Plant Conditioner - 1 Litre

Microbial acts as a micro-cleanser and plant conditioner, which cleans and rejuvenates plants. This allows the plant to naturally withstand attacks from common pests and biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. It is used principally as a root-zone cleaning and water conditioning agent. When applied at the recommended dosage rates, Microbial will naturally improve overall plant health by effectively cleaning and sanitising the root-zone.

A clean, disease free root-zone promotes an abundance of fine feeder roots. This enables the plant to uptake oxygen, nutrient and water at an accelerated rate. Improved health of the root-zone equates to healthier plants overall, thus enabling them to withstand attacks from the most common airborne pests and diseases as well as soil borne fungal and bacterial pathogen outbreaks.

Preventative dosage rate:

Add 1ml to 2 litres of nutrient solution on a weekly basis or whenever solutions are replaced. Apply this rate for any additional water added to the tank after initial dose. Continued use of Microbial as a maintenance measure will assist the plant to keep most problems from developing in all stages of its growth.

Maintenance dosage rate:

For intense dosing of substrate systems to offset root-zone problems, total saturation of the substrate weekly with a pre-dosed tank mix of 2mls per litre would be advisable. One application should be sufficient but daily dosing is ideal. Continued treatment is advisable until an improvement in plant health has been observed. For recirculating systems like nutrient film technique or aeroponics, dose nutrient tank at 2mls per litre for every litre of water that goes into the tank.

In the box:

  • 1 x Microbial Plant Conditioner - 1 Litre


Microbial is a great solution additive to improve the overall health of plants. Healthy plants are better equipped to discourage pest and fungal outbreaks as well as other bacterial pathogens. Be aware Microbial does not promote beneficial bacterial growth. If you are trying to promote beneficial bacteria growth this is probably not a desirable solution to use.

When dosing tanks with Microbial it may cause the solution to foam up initially. This foaming will dissipate over time and will not have any adverse effect on plants. Be sure to turn off all forms of oxygenation methods while dosing tanks.