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Necklace Leaf Tassel

Product Dimensions: 43 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads

What instantly catches the eye is the half turquoise and half pin bead necklace which has this array of pendants made up of tassels, beads and of course the large leaf in the same gorgeous blue colour. The large blue leaf with its gorgeous markings, the metal beads in dull copper and the pink tassel look contrasting in colours but when held together seem to come together in happy union of a natural kind. Not only will this necklace add loads of colour to your look but its strong nature based look give a refreshing break from the typical glitter and shimmer kind of jewellery. Would suit the workplace wear as well as party dressing. A versatile and elegant piece of jewellery like this could be worn with shirts, tops, blousons and suits as well as with long dresses with equal aplomb. The tassels and the colour of the beads will not bleed despite long usage and the beads will remain tarnish and fade free. The kind of necklace that will help brighten up any kind of outfit.