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Necklace Sea Essence

Product Dimensions: 24 cm long
Product Material: Metal Cotton, Beads

Necklaces do play a very important role as an accessory for any outfit ad when they come as beautifully composed as this three string necklace that combines white beads, tiny little shells and metal beads, the effects is serene and tranquil juts like the ocean. The beads vary in design and colour but have the same stamp of great quality that Lavida likes to endow all its products with. The three tiered strings have a gradual length and so when worn the top most string consisting of larger cowrie shells and gold beads is followed by the slightly longer string that is made up of tiny rectangular white beads and the longest strong being made of silver metal and white large beads - each one distinct in design yet homogenous in the look they create. The pale markings on the shells and the beads reminds one of the way waves and the salt water create the same on real shells. A perfect little pearly looking necklace that will be suited for all kinds of dressing. It has an adjustable clasp at the back to allow lengthening and shortening.