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Nulife AU 60 - Organic Root Repair- 1L

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Nulife AU 60 - Repairs Root + Kills Disease - 1L Bottle

If your plants are being effected by diseases and have issues within the rooting system Nulife AU 60 is the solution. To put it quite simply, AU 60 Root Repair fights disease for the plant. There are many diseases that can effect the plant's rooting system which will slow growth or even kill the plant. By using Nulife AU 60 root repair your plants can grow disease free increasing your harvest. 

The technological breakthrough came when we were able to isolate the very substance that the plants use to fight disease. This allows the plant to flourish uninhibited by disease and grow more roots to facilitate a greater food production, thus growing bigger, stronger and healthier. AU 60 Root Repair is a non-toxic pesticide. AU 60 is an organic, naturally occurring substance that controls disease.

Nulife AU 60 Use: 1mL per litre of working solution at every nutrient change.