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Optimus Digital Ballast - 600W

Optimus Digital Ballast - 600W - Dimmable HPS/MH Hydroponics Grow Lamps Controller

Optimus digital ballasts boast a compact and lightweight design that can run both HPS and MH lamps. These digital ballasts are RF shielded and run silently with a low start up current. The soft start technology also provides lamps with a longer life span and lower energy usage.

Optimus digital ballasts can be used with any reflector that has an Australian lighting socket connection fitted (3 pin with round earth pin). They can be mounted easily to a wall or placed on the floor. The digital ballast is also equipped with end of lamp life detection and a shut-off circuit for added safety.  

These digital ballasts have proven reliability making the perfect partner to your existing reflector and lamp.

In the box:

  • 1 x 600W Optimus Digital Ballast