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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic - 5 Litre

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Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic - 1 Litre - Organic Flowering Additive

Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic Features:

  • Ozi Tonic is a concentrated blend of mineral salts and organic compounds that include soluble seaweed beeswax extract humic & fulvic acid and plant extracts.
  • There are higher levels of beeswax extract in Ozi Tonic compared to Monsta Bud making it a better product to use in the final weeks before harvest.
  • Ozi Tonic has been scientifically blended and contains 80 different organic compounds designed to promote root growth nutrient uptake and increased flower development.
  • Along with Monsta Bud it is one of the most popular organic flowering boosters on the market.
  • It adds flavour and aroma to flowers and fruit and increases essential oil content in herbs like Rosemary and Lavender.
  • Ozi Tonic is safe to use as either a nutrient additive or as a nutrient in hydroponic systems or organic gardening. 

Ozi Magic Ozi Tonic Specifications:

  • 5-10mls to every 1 Litre of water in last half of flowering cycle
  • 12hrs or less of light
  • High in potassium and phosphorus, full spectrum flowering nutrient
  • Include fulvic acid and seaweed