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Panda Reflective Film - 3m X 30m - 250 Micron

250 Micron Panda Film - 3m X 30m - Reflective Sheeting For Grow Rooms 

If you're serious about your indoor or outdoor garden having the walls, floors and even the roof covered in Panda Film is a must. Panda film offers growers the best light reflection and is even more efficient than Mylar and other reflective materials. 

Our Panda film is of the highest quality and is extra thick at 250 microns. The back side is black which helps keep light from penetrating through while the front side is white and assists with light reflection. 

Having your grow room covered in Panda film also makes it easy to see grime, dust and smudges and also makes cleaning spillages and dirt easy. 

Panda Reflective Film Features:

  • 100% light leak proof
  • Assists with heat retention
  • Easy to clean
  • UV resistant
  • Indoor / Outdoor use
  • 250 Micron (thickness)