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Parimal Pure Rose Incense Sticks - 180g

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Parimal Pure Rose Incense Sticks - 12 X 15 Packets

1 Box contains 12X15 gram packets, total weight per box is 180g.

These Parimal pure rose incense sticks will cleanse and nourish your soul with their sacred healing powers. With a pure rose fragrance, these sacred incense sticks are sure to take you on a spiritual journey of heavenly aromas.

Pure rose is made from the divine essence of blooming damask rose flowers. The smooth and magical aroma calms the mind, relieves stress and rejuvenates the soul.

Mixed and blended with natural fragrance oils, these Parimal pure rose incense sticks are handmade from natural ingredients for an uplifting aroma. Parimal are quickly becoming one of our best sellers with these sacred incense sticks a must-try for any incense lover.

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