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Philips DE HPS - 1000W

Philips DE HPS - 1000W - GreenPower

Philips are the front runners when it comes to high performance lamps designed for horticultural solutions. The Philips DE HPS 1000W GreenPower has a reputation for incredible cultivation results, which is why it's used in commercial glasshouses, indoor and in large tents all around the world.

Philips DE HPS 1000W Specifications:

  • Professional European 1000w high frequency horticultural lamp
  • No wire frame, quartz glass outer bulb for flawless optical quality
  • 2200K CCT
  • PPF 2100umol
  • PPF Maintenance @ 10000 hrs 95%
  • Nom Colour Temp: 2000k
  • CRI: 38%