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Phresh Silex Flat Pack 3D Acoustic Silencer - 250 X 750mm

Phresh Sile-X Flat Pack 3D Acoustic Silencer - 250 X 750mm

Sile-X Flat Pack Silencers are available in four sizes to suit 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm fan/duct sizes. The length of Sile-X Silencers equals 3 times the internal diameter of fan/duct. This formula achieves maximum fan noise attenuation at the best price. We call this the 3X Advantage.

Sile-X is the first flat packed silencer for centrifugal/mixed flow fan noise reduction on the market. The flat pack design allows for efficient transport of the silencer. They are easy to assemble. Use before and after centrifugal/mixed flow fans and fan noise is greatly reduced. Sile-X utilizes advanced acoustic foam and our 3 times fan/duct diameter noise reduction technique to achieve ultra-quiet fan operation. To completely silence your fan, use an oversize piece of acoustic ducting pulled over the assembled fan/silencer assembly. Noisy fans are a thing of the past with Sile-X Silencers.

Phresh Sile-X Flat Pack 3D Acoustic Silencer Features:

  • Sound reducing acoustic foam decreases fan noise by up to 50%.
  • Use with fans in conjunction with carbon filters, light systems and more.
  • Durable and light weight aluminum body. Compact size is easy to install.
  • Attach a Phresh Silencer to the intake or exhaust side of an inline fan. Use on both sides for maximum sound reduction.