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Pinelab Grow Tent - 120cm x 120cm

Pinelab Grow Tent - 120cm x 120cm - 4ft x 4ft

The Pinelab 4×4 grow tent is the ultimate home-gardener solution! This grow tent offers 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.13m of premium cultivation space with all of the Pinelab unique specialised grow tent features!

The Pinelab 4×4 includes practical duct outlets, unique drainage solutions, window filters, cable grommets and inbuilt external gear board. Using military grade oxford cloth for super tough exterior and ultimate white film reflective interior; this is the research standard for a 1.2m grow tent.

The 2.13m height is perfect for heavy fruiting and flowering plants and is ideal for DE (Double-Ended) HPS lamps, LED fixtures and CMH lights.

The Pinelab 4×4 grow tent is perfect for vegetative growth, or as a small flowering space - perfect for new and experienced gardeners alike. Everyone from domestic gardeners to commercial cultivators will appreciate the serious attention to detail found on this Pinelab grow tent.

Unique Features

  • Engineered for ‘clean-room’ standards of cultivation and compliance
  • ​Unique white film interior with anti-bacterial technology with >95% reflectivity
  • Powder-coated poles with attention to detail for a premium finish and no spots!
  • ​Hanging weight of tent structure >100kgs.
  • ​Waterproof catchment tray includes adaptable drainage
  • ​Unique drainage ports for irrigation with watertight duct seals
  • ​2x Window lenses included for HPS (colour correcting lens) & CMH (UV Safety lens)
  • ​Innovative cable grommets for easy and effective cabling into your Pinelab™ tent
  • ​CFM Kit included with all Pinelab™ tents. CFM kit reduces tent squeeze reduction from strong fans/negative pressure
  • Controller Holder – Designed for HI-PAR Control Station but suitable to mount any lighting controller with clever lightproof cable access for external control
  • ​External Gearboard engineered into design for logical electrical mounting, maximising the interior grow space with easy temperature management!
  • ​The TOUGHEST zips, reflective zip covers and stitching; built for gardeners!
  • ​Double-stitched venting ports in intelligible sites for ease with all sized ducting!
  • ​Pinelab also includes door hooks plus hanging straps for fans and filters
  • ​Dual 700-micron bug-proof mesh lower vents for passive intake
  • ​The most durable double-stitched corners and stress-point reinforced design