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Platinium Hydro Grower 40

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Platinium Hydro Grower 40

The HYDRO GROWER 40 was developed in France by the engineers of platinum and hydroponics. Then the system is made in Canada to guarantee quality hydroponics. To create this system they have totally noticed and analyzed existing products and system in the market. The system is equipped with easy access to the nutrient tank and a removable hatch to avoid light entering the nutrient tank.

This system is made of ABS 100% premium food market plastic and has a slim design at 28cm high. The overall dimensions are 40cm x 40cm x 28cm. The system is easy to use and setup in just 5 minutes. The system has a modular design which allows more or less to be added depending on the situation.

Plants grow in a culture container (tray) filled with clay balls, this tray is placed directly on the reservoir filled with nutrient solution, a water pump diffuse the nutrient solution in an irrigation line which divided the nutrient solution a distribution ring and flows through the ball clay and flows into the reservoir and the solution is then back groove of oxygen and so on in a closed circuit

Dimension: 40cm x 40cm x 29cm
Water pump: xtrapump 250ltr / h and the irrigation tube included in the system
Tank from 15 to 20 Ltr
Allow 12 to 15 liters of clay pebbles
Assembly: 5 minutes

Please note that the clay balls featured in the photo do not come with the product.