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Pro Grow Hydroponic Carbon Filter - 250 x 600mm

10 Inch Pro Grow Hydroponic Carbon Filter - 250 x 600mm

The filtration demands of indoor gardeners are unique and special. With most indoor gardens, the air is passing not slowly, but extremely quickly over the carbon's surface. This is due to the grower’s need to efficiently extract the hot air generated by grow lights. This is where differences between traditional air filtration and horticultural filtration begin. Australian meso-pore granular carbon is substantially better for grow room filtration than traditional, heavier, machine pelletized carbon filters and other granular carbons. Australian meso-pore granular carbon and has been used successfully in quality, lightweight granular carbon filters for over 15 years. PRO GROW Carbon Filters are tried and trusted with a life expectancy of up to 3 years depending on climatic conditions.