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Quest 155 Dehumidifier Duct Kit Return

Quest 155 Dehumidifier Duct Kit Return

On the off chance that you have a Quest Overhead Dehumidifier, models 155 you don't need to keep your dehumidifier in your nursery. Believe it or not; with this air pipe collar, you can put your dehumidifier outside the nursery, and join a restricted measure of ventilation work to the admission on your dehumidifier. This 12-inch spine will help you let loose a touch of extra space in your nursery, however, make certain to buy the stockpile air connection also. This guarantees that dry air is sent once again into your nursery.

Requires 300mm / 12 Inch Ducting

Please note the ducting is not included but you can find multiple options in our store with the link below: