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Zombie Poison Incense Sticks - 180 Grams

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Song Of India Incense Sticks - Zombie Poison Fragrance - 180 Grams

1 X Box Of 12 Packets, Each Packet Is 15 grams. Total: 180 Grams

This incense is an essential item for your survival kit. Burn this Zombie Poison incense to keep the living dead away and its invigorating scent will brace you to win against the undead and the unknown.

SOI Zombie Poison is a high grade incense made in India. It has a very nice scent that is sweet but light. It is eco-friendly and free from animal products. Each stick is approximately 20cm and has a burn time of roughly 40 - 45 minutes. Exact burn time can differ depending on a number of factors.

Disclaimer: It is recommended you burn the incense with your windows open as a safety precaution.