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Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit | Aussie Mushrooms

Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit | Aussie Mushrooms

Introducing the Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit by Aussie Mushrooms, featuring the Ganoderma Steyaertanum, known as the Australian Reishi.

Derived from a wild Indemit Fruit Body clone of an Australian Ganoderma found in the lush landscapes of Queensland, this remarkable fungus has been meticulously developed into a working culture by Forest Fungi in Tasmania.

Product Highlights:

  • Mushroom Type: A prized choice for its culinary and, more importantly, its renowned medicinal attributes.
  • Characteristics: Embrace the deep, captivating red hue that characterizes Reishi mushrooms. These mushrooms have earned their place as one of the most celebrated medicinal fungi, with a legacy steeped in centuries of traditional Chinese medicine.

Optimal Fruiting Conditions:

  • Temperature Range: Flourishes in a moderate environment with a mid-20+°C fruiting temperature.

Unlock the potential of the revered Reishi mushroom and embark on your own journey to cultivate this natural wonder. The Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit is your gateway to a wealth of culinary and medicinal possibilities!