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Rock Fusion Bloom Nutrients - 1L

Rock Fusion Bloom Nutrients - 1L - NPK: 4-2-9

Fusion Bloom is a complete fertilizer formulation of N, P and K in a single bottle to feed your plants with less nitrogen and more potash to maximise flowering in the later stages of growth.

Rock Fusion Bloom is specially formulated to encourage budding, flowering and fruiting in annual crops of all kinds, and like Rock Fusion Grow, is made from the highest quality ingredients and is suitable for all growing systems and environments.

Rock Fusion Bloom Nutrients Feature:

  • Best single part nutrient on the market
  • Suitable for all grow systems and media
  • No more mixing 2 or 3 nutrients
  • Stronger and high quality components
  • Long shelf life elements

Fusion Growth and Bloom are the strongest and most advanced single part plant nutrient products we have developed to date. Rock Fusion will produce a rich nutrient solution of 800ppm in pure water at just 8ml per gallon. Fusion Growth and Fusion Bloom will take your crop from beginning to its successful end.

Fusion Grow and Fusion Bloom are the strongest, most concentrated single part nutrients we can possibly produce, rivalling even the strongest two part nutrients. The concentrated strength is not the only asset of Fusion … Rock Fusion Nutrients are made with our unique ‘Nutrient Density’ technology, which means that the amount of effective nutrients available to the plant is much higher than in other products. Fusion has all the components for massive yields packed tightly into each bottle.