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Root It Sponge Refill Bag - 50 Sponges

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Root It Sponge Refill Bag - 50 Sponges Per Pack

Root It are masters are propagation, cloning and seed raising. These natural rooting sponges are simple to use and always provide excellent results when re-potting. The refill bag comes with 50 sponges and will fill two Root it trays or 1 standard sized tray. The bag is also resealable which helps keep each rooting sponge in perfect condition. 

Root it Sponges are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and even contain microbes and beneficial micro-nutrients which help in germination and success rates. They insulate roots better than anything else helping plants overcome heat or lack of moisture. They're also specifically designed to retain the perfect air to water ratio making them an unbeatable choice for propagation!

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