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Satya Super Hit Incense Sticks - 180 Grams

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Satya Super Hit Incense Sticks - 180 gram packet.  

Super Hit is an incense made from the same people (Shrinivas Sugandhalaya) as the famous Nag Champa. The super hit incense sticks are masala based like Nag Champa but with a different fragrance - is a little sweeter. If you like Nag Champa we definitely recommend trying the super hit range.

Satya Super Hit incense sticks are commonly used for meditation and in yoga. Although it's now becoming more popular as a simple relaxant in households - being used to unwind after a long day at work. It's slow burn time allows you plenty of time to gather your thoughts while you reflect on the passing day. 

We sell out of the nag champa and super hit incense sticks very quickly so we've started selling them in bulk lots to ensure your incense stash doesn't run out over night. You'll also find 250 gram packets and 480 gram packets in our store :)

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