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Sigilventus EC Mixed Flow Inline Fan - 315mm

Sigilventus EC Mixed Flow Inline Fan - 315mm

SIGILVENTUS EC MIXFLOW INLINE FAN is an extremely low profile inline fan with jet-engine blades design and metal housing. Combined with an EC motor for no-humming, no vibration, smooth operation and the most energy efficient performance.

It is an outstanding fan in the market because of its high efficiency, resulting from a built-in multiphase brushless DC motor design, sending this compact inline fan to high speeds and a high static pressure rating as well as maintaining a lower level of power consumption.

Included in the box is an 8 speeds controller for maximum flexibility.

We also offer optional wireless controller or smart controller which are sold separately.


  • AV equipment and Server rooms
  • Closets and Cabinets
  • Hydroponic Indoor Grow System and Poultry Ventilation
  • Bathrooms and Attics Exhaust
  • Odorless Hotpot or BBQ Ventilation System
  • 4G OR 5G Telecom Signal Station Ventilation and Cooling
  • Vertical Farming System
  • UVC Sterilization Systems Against Covid-19



  • Dimension 940mm (L) x 415mm(H)
  • Duct Size 12“|315mm
  • Rated Voltage 220V~240V
  • Max. Power C. 320W
  • Frequency 50Hz|60Hz
  • Max. Speed 3000RPM
  • Max. Airflow 1757CFM
  • Static Pressure 677Pa
  • Signal Outputs PWM, 0-10V, POT, FG
  • MAX. Noise 68dBA [1M-INLET]
  • Housing Material Steel
  • Acoustic Foam Fire-Proof
  • Motor Type EC Motor
  • Net Weight 21kgs
  • IP Rating IP65
  • Installation 4 Hanging Brackets
  • Certifications CE, SAA, ERP


A detachable fast clamp is one of our recommended selected accessory for hard/PVC duct installation, which can be detached from the fan for easy cleaning, maintenance, and repair.