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Silent 8 Inch Inline Duct Fan

Silent 8 Inch 200mm Inline Duct Fan

The Inline Duct Silent Fan works best in enclosed grow spaces like grow tents. As an intake or exhaust ventilation fan, it provides great ventilation for its size. Ventilation of the plant grow space is essential to remove stale air with fresh air - this keeps temperature and humidity under control and cools reflectors too.

It can be used for venting air into greenhouses and grow tents, and will provide your plants with a consistent strong fresh airflow which as we know is a requirement for grow room setups. This silent duct fan works well with Carbon Filters & Fan Silencers.

This Inline fan features a powerful motor and an aerodynamically designed shape. The dynamics mean it moves air through long stretches of ducting, grow light reflectors or carbon filters. With a tapered flange, it is convenient for ducting attachment which can be easily taped into place. 

Size: 200mm / 8 Inch
Power: 128W
CSpeed: 2450rpm 
Current: 0.57Amp 
Airflow: 840 m3/H 
Pressure: 352pa 
Noise: 35DB