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Smart Garden Basil Seeds

Basil Seeds For Smart Kitchen Gardens 

If you've already harvested your garden, are just starting with a smart garden or want to change the type of plants your growing we sell a range of different seeds which are perfectly suited for our smart gardens. 

Basil Seeds Information: 

Sweet basil with an aromatic smell. This is a great addition to a diverse range of dishes and drinks!

Basil seeds will form a gel over the seed after being in contact with the wet growing medium. After a few days the seeds will sprout and release two baby leaves. The leaves will grow slowly at first before a second set of "true leaves" shoot out. At this point the basil will start to grow quickly. Your plant is ready to harvest once the plant has 3 sets of true leaves.

  • Quantity of seeds ~140
  • Planting Depth 3 mm
  • Plant height 50 cm
  • Days to Maturity 60-80
  • Lifespan Annual
  • Tips Basil LOVES warm weather. Keep your plant in a warm room for best growth results.