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Smart Garden Garlic Chive Seeds

Garlic Chive Seeds For Smart Kitchen Gardens 

If you've already harvested your garden, are just starting with a smart garden or want to change the type of plants your growing we sell a range of different seeds which are perfectly suited for our smart gardens. 

Garlic Chive Seeds Information: 

Long tubes of chives with a mild garlic flavor that can add flavor to any dish. Can be grown for years. Plants begin flowering in the second year. Frequent harvesting encourages plant growth - so once your plant has grown to a reasonable size you can enjoy generous harvests without killing your plant.

These plants have a narrower and flatter tube structure than their onion chive counterparts.

  • Quantity of seeds ~65
  • Planting Depth 5 mm
  • Plant height 50 cm
  • Days to Maturity 60-90
  • Lifespan Perennial
  • Tips Scatter seeds in the growing pot and be patient - these seeds can take up to 2 weeks to germinate!