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SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro - 8A

SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro - 8A 

The SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro combines mechanical and digital fan speed control to drastically reduce the noise from your fans, as well as providing a perfectly controlled environment to your crop.

Just set your desired minimum and maximum fan speeds, required temperature and let the Hybrid Controller do the work!

Using the latest digital temperature sensing technology, the result is a completely silent, twin fan speed controller with highly accurate temperature control. These units have been engineered to maintain a constant temperature and controlled airflow at all times, whilst also reducing nighttime humidity.

The SMSCOM Hybrid Pro 8A features a nighttime humidity function that removes excess humidity. When lights turn off, plants are still transpiring quite heavily and this can cause a sudden spike in humidity (leading to problems with rot or mould). The SMSCOM Pro units will remove this excess humidity during the dark period.

SMSCOM Hybrid Controller Pro 8A features:

  • Supplies power to intake and exhaust fan
  • Built-in heavy duty thermostat control with NTC temperature sensor
  • Smart Motion Flow technology
  • Light Sensor equipped
  • 5 step fan speed control plus digital regulation
  • Maintains negative air pressure
  • Rated to 8A (1800w)
  • Regulates intake and exhaust fans
  • AU 240v Plug fitting
  • The quietest fan speed controller on the market
  • 5 year warranty