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Song Of India - Nag Champa Perfume Oil

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Song Of India - Nag Champa Perfume Oil - 10ml Bottle

This much loved perfume is a careful blend of several different types of essential and aromatic oils as well as plant extracts. The most prominent notes of Nag Champa include the heady and sweet Frangipani and the exotic woody Sandalwood. The combination of these two along with several other aromas creates a perfume that is extremely pleasing and long lasting. The first notes sing of delicate flowers and then settle down to more heady notes and finally end with earthy tones. Nag Champa is a perfume known to increase concentration and mental focus. When you need to focus your attention to fine details, this exotic perfume will help you get there.

Our Song Of India perfume oils are a high concentrated perfume which means the scent is long lasting. They have beautiful fragrances and the older they get the more pleasant the fragrance becomes. The Song Of India perfumes are unique in this way as they mature over time - just like a fine wine. All our bottles have already matured for around 3-7 years. 

Furthermore, these perfumes are a natural perfume made from non-alcoholic ingredients and materials. A healthy choice from the traditional perfumes and deodorants that are made with alcohol or aluminium.