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Song Of India Solid Perfume - Krishna Musk

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Krishna Musk Fragrance - Song of India Solid Perfume in Carved Soapstone

Krishna Musk from Songs of India is a perfume that is designed to sing to you. The heady musk perfume is associated with the eternal lover, the philosopher and the flute player Lord Krishna of the Indian diaspora. It represents all the qualities associated with Krishna, of wisdom, of playfulness, power and knowledge. The perfume is a bouquet of several essential oils predominant of which are sandalwood and the warm, spicy and heady musk. This solid soapstone perfume when rubbed on to the skin, lasts for a long time and releases its fragrances slowly and continuously through the day. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, let the fragrance titillate your senses, if you are lucky, you may hear Krishna play his flute.