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Spider Farmer G3000 LED Grow Light | Full Spectrum + Dimmable

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Spider Farmer G3000 LED Grow Light | Full Spectrum + Dimmable

Introducing the Spider Farmer G3000 LED Grow Light, a high-performance and versatile lighting solution for your indoor gardening needs. With its full spectrum and dimmable features, this grow light is designed to maximize efficiency and provide uniform light distribution for optimal plant growth.

With 896 high-efficiency diodes and a power output of 300 watts, the G3000 delivers an impressive PPE (Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy) of 2.75 umol/J. It covers a flowering coverage area of 2'x2' and a vegetative coverage area of 3'x3', making it suitable for various stages of plant growth. For proper ventilation we recommend using a 4 inch inline fan.

The advanced full spectrum of the G3000 replicates natural sunlight, providing plants with the ideal light wavelengths for robust growth and high-quality buds. Whether it's seedlings, vegetative growth or flowering, this grow light ensures your plants receive the optimal light spectrum they need to thrive.

Featuring a dimming function and a daisy chain capability, the G3000 allows you to adjust the brightness and connect up to 60 lights simultaneously. This makes it a perfect choice for use in grow rooms, home growing setups, DWC (Deep Water Culture) and hydroponic systems.

The bar style design and aluminum heat sink on the back of the G3000 enable efficient cooling and fast heat dissipation, ensuring the longevity of the light. The detachable driver and 8.5-foot power cord provide convenience and flexibility during installation. Additionally, the light is protected by a waterproof coating, allowing for safe operation in wet conditions.

The Spider Farmer G3000 LED Grow Light is part of the G Series, which offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability. It features Bridgelux diodes, known for their reliability and durability. The G Series is ideal for growers who seek high returns while working within a limited budget.

Upgrade your indoor gardening setup with the Spider Farmer G3000 LED Grow Light and experience exceptional performance, versatilit and impressive results throughout your plant's growth cycle.